Day One Redux, an exercise in brevity

Long flight. Sore body. V Australia is humorous. Arrive Melbourne. Run. Sweat. Reach gate. Almost immediately sent back to the US due to return-ticket-date mishap. Terrifying twenty minutes. Changes made. Cost unknown. Chat with a friendly Tazzie and Kiwi. Both say “yea” a lot. Arrive Christchurch. No luggage. Apple-sniffing patrol beagle. Stamp. Customs. Wait for shuttle. Kooky van. Quiet driver. Crazy traffic. Tired. Breathe. Arrive at hostel. Realize reservation is for the following two nights, not the current night. Breathe. Begin to seriously question own international traveling skills. Get map. Walk. Find new hostel. Walk. Smell lavender bushes. Walk. Grocery store. Picnic. Local wine. Shower sans soap. Stretch. I’m in freakin’ New Zealand. Sleep. Sleeeeep.

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