To Do List

Various tasks from the past week: 

Weed (around baby fruit trees)
View from the front porch

Plant (companion herbs)

– Sheet mulch (around fruit trees)
Collect seaweed (for fertilizer)
Collect wakame seaweed (for eatin’)
Weed (front garden)
Mend things that need mending
– Help groom the poodle
Build new raised beds
Arrange floral bouquets
Weed (back side-garden)
Make jam
Fill in ditch
– Fiddle with compost
Weed (gully area)
Prune peach tree
Weed (just keep weeding)
The illustrated version:

Kelp to feed the gardens

Collecting wakame seaweed for salad

The Poodle
Le bebe alfalfa, clover, and meadow foam ready for planting.

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  1. That’s an incredible view from a front porch. Would be hard to leave behind.

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