Knowing This Exists Has Made My Day

If you can’t quite tell what this is, allow me to educate you. That’s right. This dazzling piece of coiffing technology is a coin-operated hair straightener/curler. What’s that you say? Yes, yes it is bolted to a wall. In a bathroom. Of a bar. But no worries, as the sign says, sizzling your hair keeps everything nice and sterile. If I lived here and was on the run for a crime I didn’t commit, I might slip into the bathroom to flatten my fro in disguise… if I didn’t think that Herculean effort would take two hours and twenty dollars.

Well done, Wellington, well done.

The city is crazy this weekend as the annual Sevens Rugby Tournament is happening. This is basically like 60 percent halloween, 20 percent Mardi Gras, and 20 percent sporting event. Mostly it is a chance for people to dress up in matching costumes, get boozed up, and act insane. This means the people-watching is incredible.

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