There and Back Again

Well, I’m back.
After feeling a mini-earthquake my last night in Wellington, followed by a tremendous wind storm all night long (all night), and no sleep at all, it felt pretty great to get on that plane. Sadly, I can’t say that feeling lasted too long. But after over thirty continuous hours of traveling, four flights, ticket hassles at every counter, five movies, and maybe six out of sixty hours of sleep, I arrived in Chicago safe, sound, and just in time to see the sunset. My eyes were fiery balls of red, my hair was flat and sad, and I was half-dead, but I made it. And so did my bag! I am grateful. Now I am just waiting to see if my body rejects winter.  
Though I already miss New Zealand, I am happy to be home. Home being a relative concept, as I am currently homeless. But back in The Motherland anyway. The good ol’ U S of A.  So let the past three months of foreign travel bleed into the next three months of domestic travel! I’ll be seeing some of you real soon.

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