I’m Your Huckleberry

Fact! Huckleberries have never been successfully
domesticated. Knowing that you have to get out
 into the wild to gather them makes them all the
more special and delicious.


1. the dark-blue, purple, or black edible berry of any of the various shrubs belonging to the genuses Gaylussacia and Vaccinium. A most tasty delicacy for blue-tongued bears and humans alike.

2. a shrub bearing such fruit.
3. as in “I’m your huckleberry”: old-timey smack-talking slang for both “I’m the man for the job” and “I’m the man who is about to hand your ass to you.”
4. a rube, bumpkin, or amateur.
5. a blue, bow-tie wearing Southern dawg.
6. a frequently-used excuse for late-summer tardiness while hiking trails in Montana. As in “sorry I’m late, there were huckleberries.”

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