Your Sweetness Is My Weakness

With the new summer field season creeping in on us, I’ve been thinking about our bear friends again. You know we tramp all over the place collecting the hair they leave behind when they rub on tree trunks, power poles, sign posts, and wooden bridges. You know we do this to get genetic samples to monitor population and distribution and such. But why do they do it? Why do the bears rub? Well, we still aren’t totally sure, but here is a little evidence that may bode well for the because it feels awesome camp.

Last year my co-worker Brad put up a remote camera near an old bridge positively fuzzy with bear fur. He collected the gear several weeks later, and we were all pretty impressed by the images it caught. The following video is just one sequence. This one is of an adult male, with a, well, with a kind of bare ass. We also caught a mama and two little cubs rubbing, and a black bear, and some other animals sniffing around.

If I were a technological wizard, I’d find a way to sync up this visual with some sweet, sensual tunes. And when you’re talking about a big, sexy bear, in the privacy of this own forest, expressing himself to the object of his love and affection, no one gets it done* like The Barry White (RIP). Dude had a voice. Unfortunately, you’ll have to settle for playing this ditty in the background while you watch.

Disclaimer: It’s all night-vision up in here. You may feel pretty voyeuristic. The footage is dark and fuzzy. There are glowing eyes. Sometimes it is hard to see exactly what is happening. One thing is for damn sure though–that bear is really, really enjoying himself. If he could talk, I am quite certain his voice would sound exactly like the deep smoove groove of Mr. White.

The man knew what he was he was doing.
Just look at some of the best slow jams from his epic roster:

– I’m Qualified To Satisfy You
– It’s Ecstasy When You Lay Down Next To Me
– Beware
– Passion
– Sho’ You Right
– Never, Never Gonna Give You Up
– You’re My First, My Last, My Everything
– I’ll Do For You Anything You Want Me To
– Love Makin’ Music
– Super Lover
– I Wanna Do It Good To Ya
– I’m Gonna Love You Just A Little More Baby

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