Bear-hair hunting season is on. Inquiring minds want to know…

1. How many bears are in Glacier?
Most recent estimates put the number of grizzlies at a bit over 300, and black bears over 700.
Grizzly bear numbers for the entire Northern Continental Divide Ecosystem study area are closer to 1000 individuals. Black bears, about a bajillion.

2. What is that sound?
Sounds like a loon to me. Or the forlorn wailing of Skinny Guy, Glacier’s creepier, lanky Bigfoot equivalent.

3. When is it going to stop raining?
In July. Oh, wait…

4. How many days does it take before trench foot actually sets in?
Well, according to my sources, jungle rot can get the party going in as little as thirteen hours. Luckily the evolution into full gangrene takes a bit longer. And all you have to do to prevent it is keep your feet dry and clean. Huh.

5. Are you going to eat that? 
Is that a trick question?

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