Luis Alberto Urrea is Totally Rad

Click here for my latest review in High Country News.

Luis Alberto Urrea is, among other things, Orion‘s newest columnist, and Queen of America is his follow-up to the most excellent The Hummingbird’s Daughter.

Preview his chops:

 “For she knew no connections but the most ethereal. She had learned that life on earth was a dream, and not always a good one, and that the morning would come and she would awaken into death and she would be among her lost ones and the deer of the flower home and she would wonder what had happened to her and why it had happened. And she knew that God would never answer her.”

Then read both books. And then get lunch. 

“He drooled like a dog when the chiles rellenos were searing on the flame, their caustic smoke announcing them to the world, their fat bellies gurgling with yellow cheese as they wore their egg-batter coats into the frying pan.” 

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