Having Learned Much

So I’ve been sort of a Captain Odd Job these last few weeks. Researching and writing about The Science, picking bugs under a microscope, proof-reading for a couple of  publications, and, most recently, making your mom happy.


Yep, last week marked my glorious (if not temporary) return to the glamorous world of Floral Design. And you know next to placating ladyfriends of the greater Missoula area with twelve red Valentine roses, our highest priority is promoting the holiday when moms finally get their due. Even if that would-be payout is hijacked by the questionably tasteless Teleflora designers pushing their hideous pastel-nightmare arrangements with names like “Mama’s Pearl,” “Always a Lady,” and “Pour on the Pink.” Seriously, one distinctly resembled a glassy pink testicle. Okay, or brain, if you prefer to keep your mind unsullied. Whatever.

Just let me offer a little advice to anyone who ever intends to order flowers again. Skip the keepsake container shaped like a tugboat or high heel or purple seashell, and just trust the designers at your local shop to create something beautiful. In a simple glass vase or tasteful basket. Don’t box us in with baby’s breath. We are professionals. Your mama will thank you.

But I digress. What I meant to say was that its been fun flitting between so many random jobs. Each suits me in a different way. So if you need your chinchilla trimmed, or a topiary shaped, or an abstract portrait rendered, or an essay edited, or a fort built, or some bear poop collected, give me a call.

My spring is pretty open.


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