How To Die Painfully, But Not Necessarily Slowly

Check out my first long-script SciShow episode on venom, where it came from, and how bad it can mess you up. This one was pretty fun, if not skeev-inducing, to research and write, even if the whole lecture sort of flows like a particularly macabre version of Would You Rather.

As in, would you rather accidentally step on a hypodermic-needle-like spine poking out from a seashell, or would you rather be pierced by the tiny, tiny beak of that apple-sized blue octopus you’re currently holding out for a photograph?

Would you rather see a palm-sized hairy spider jump out of a fruit bowl and chase you down, or would you prefer that a deadly snake fall on you from a low-hanging branch?

You may also be interested to know that a group of jellyfish blobbing around together is called “a smack”… which I think you’ll agree gives new poignancy to the term smack down.

Oh, and here is my  episode on How To Make Antivenom… you know. . .

j u s t  i n  c a s e.

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