I Don’t Know Karate, But I know…

Yeah, I know Ca-Razy (or Ka-razor, as the case may be, given there is some debate on the lyric, and Mr. James Brown was sometimes a complicated man to understand when in the throes of sweaty funk-making…) but yes, crazy is a puppy burning off extra energy.

Lately I’ve been researching and writing a lot about super depressing things in the kingdom of science and life. Namely… Colony Collapse Disorder, White-nose Syndrome, worldwide amphibian decline, chemical pollution in your (yes yours) pee, and all sorts of end of days stuff. Frankly, I need a breather.

Luckily, I live with a puppy. And so I happily present to you, the very best of  The Great Hazeltini’s Flying Kung Fu Lightning Forest Blitz Moves of Adorable Doom! 

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