Your Pee is Pollution

Yeah, I said it. Maybe you’ve already heard, but you pee is helping to destroy the Earth. Shoot, what isn’t these days?

Alright, to qualify and quantify that a little I should say that the level to which your piss becomes villainous largely depends upon what chemicals you’re putting into your body. Without getting too personal, I can say currently my pee is pretty benign. Which I guess is good, considering how much I produce.

I have never been able to drive for more than an hour without taking a pee break. It is a frustrating condition for everyone involved. Doing field work, drinking a ton of water, hiking around all day… I have to step off the trail a disturbing number of times. It has become a running joke on my field crews. Sometimes we keep tally. For example:

Take Water to Make Water Daily Ratio* (from waking up to bedtime)
Nia: 3 liters to 4 pees
Sophie: 4 liters to 7 pees
Katie: 7.5 liters to 18 pees

What was I saying about not getting too personal…?

Anyway, this is all a big digression. But since researching information and writing this new SciShow episode on how medications, specifically anti-depressants and synthetic hormones, trickle down into the water table and make unknowing fish feminized, more aggressive, and even homicidal, I’ve had pee on the brain. And don’t think it’s only the fathead minnows getting worked. Hormone disruption is becoming a real issue to humans, too, with potentially freaky and terrifying consequences.

So here’s your daily buzzkill, friends:

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