Some Serious End-of-Days Shit

Warning: This is not a happy-time post. This is a big ol’ trifecta of doom buzzkill.

Know that I am not specifically trying to depress you, it’s only that it’s Monday, and I’ve been reading too much Derrick Jensen, and these terrible wildlife die-off events are happening, and people need to know about them. You, well, you probably already know that many bees, bats, and amphibians are in dire danger. You probably also already know how small changes, choices, and policies add up to produce big, messy, cumulative consequences.

Yeah, it was pretty depressing writing these three doom show episodes in a row.

It is hard, if not impossible to watch them and not despair, to not feel helpless and hopeless. I do not know what is reversible at this point. But I do believe in the resiliency of nature, the power of small, informed choices, and of protesting. Of changing habits and policies, of writing letters, of never, ever giving up. I believe in the power of looking for toads in tall grasses, of eating local honey and planting bee balm, of gently scooping up an attic bat and releasing it into the dark sky.

Click On, Click On:

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