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Did you know that the average adult brain weighs about three pounds and is the consistency of soft tofu? And though it only accounts for about 2 percent of your body weight, it gobbles up 25 percent of your sugars and 20 percent of your oxygen? Greedy brain.

For weeks now I have spent many an hour reading, writing, and thinking about brains. My brain. Your brain. Teenage brain. Baby brain. Freud’s brain. Sacks’ brain. Dolphin brain. Hallucinating brain. Broken brain. Not in a jonesing zombie kindĀ of way. It’s more personal than that. And professional.

Why? Well, aside from general neuro-fascination, I have a new gig writing for SciShow’s sister YouTube channel, Crash Course. Whereas SciShow manifests in single-topic bite-sized episodes, Crash Course takes a long haul comprehensive look at a topic. They’ve done series on biology, ecology, chemistry, U.S. and world history, and this year, you can catch about thirty episodes on psychology, written by yours truly. The lessons build like a semester-long class would, with some extra humor (hopefully!) and sweet little sometimes irreverent animations.

Here is the first one:

It’s definitely interesting delving so deeply into a single topic–especially one that I have limited experience with beyond general interest. Luckily I have a sweet textbook (Myers’ Psychology, tenth edition) and a badass adviser named Ranjit to help out. I’m still on the look out for a Chaise lounge, but I do have a few cigars handy, should I need one.

So if you like brains, or have a brain, I hope you’ll tune in from time to time. New episodes air every Monday afternoon.

2 responses to “BRAINS!

  1. I commented on the video, but I wanted to mention here how excited I am for the series. A Crash Course series in the area I’m actually qualified in makes me happy, as hopefully I’ll be able to chime in in the comments sections regularly.

    I’m interested if, based on the emphasis of Freud in the intro ep, you have an episode about Freud’s Wednesday group. It’s quite fascinating to see all the different ideas and personalities (Freud, Adler, Jung) that were present for those meetings, and the fact they Freud fell out with them all.

    • Hi Robin, thanks for commenting, and for watching–I hope you continue to enjoy the series. You know, we don’t have all the later syllabus details worked out beyond a brief outline, so I’m not sure what I’ll get in there about Wednesday group, but hopefully we can mention it in an episode. So many big brains in one room! Reminds me of Tolkien and Lewis’s The Inklings group.

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