Putting the Person in Personality

Do you like reading about your astrological sign? What about taking personality tests, dosha questionnaires, or the wealth of internet quizzes on what Hunger Games character, 80’s song, marine animal, or sandwich you’d be if you could, you know, live in the ocean or be ordered and eaten at a deli?

In my experience, people love learning about their personality — both in legit and ridiculous ways. I’m certainly no exception.

So it was especially fun to research and write these recent episodes of Crash Course Psychology focusing on┬ápersonality — what it is, how do we measure it, what is the history of various theories, and are those ink blot tests for real, and if so, why do they predict almost everyone is a latent killer?

So if you have twenty minutes, and want a little extra education and trivia fodder (did you know Rorschach totally looked like Brad Pitt?), check out these lessons.



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