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Fighting the Good Fight

I’ve been thinking about the immune system a lot lately. Partially because of my family’s recent experience with tragic immune failure, but also because it’s the season of sickness. Okay, yeah, and because I spent a full month reading, researching, and writing about the lymphatic and immune systems, culminating in our crowning final four Crash Course Anatomy and Physiology episodes.

So, if you are perhaps bedridden with the flu and looking for some educational entertainment, or are just curious about exactly how you’re fighting off that cold, how vaccines work, or auto-immune deficiencies, or what your immune cells have in common with Mad Max, then please, pull up a chair and spend a little time with one of the most amazing and fierce systems in your body.





The Other A&P

And here it is!

The first of what will likely be over fifty installments in our newest Crash Course series on Anatomy and Physiology — all doled out week by week, for free, all year, bursting with facts, figures, and witty animation.

Check it out and learn a thing of two about your body and yourself!




Body Movin’

Hey, you. Did you know that by the time you reach old age you’ll likely have produced enough saliva to fill a couple of swimming pools?

Or that an adult human has 206 bones in their body — the smallest and lightest of which is the tiny stirrup-shaped bone in your middle ear called the stapes?

And are you generally aware that your body will probably slough over a hundred pounds of dead skin cells during your lifetime, so that when you dust your house, you are literally wiping up yourself, not to mention messing with the primary dinner source for entire colonies of dust mites?

Annnnnd…. did you know that your very own brain has around 100 billion neurons connected by up to 1000 trillion synapses? That’s more synaptic action than grains of sand on a beach. A big beach. All jammed into the lumpy double lobes of your great gray walnut-looking brain.

Yep! It’s part of the science of the human body — our anatomy and physiology — and it’s what I’ll be reading and writing about for the next year or so as we embark on a brand new Crash Course series, coming at you in January 2015.

So if you have a body and want to get to know it better, check it out, you magnificent beast, you:




Putting the Person in Personality

Do you like reading about your astrological sign? What about taking personality tests, dosha questionnaires, or the wealth of internet quizzes on what Hunger Games character, 80’s song, marine animal, or sandwich you’d be if you could, you know, live in the ocean or be ordered and eaten at a deli?

In my experience, people love learning about their personality — both in legit and ridiculous ways. I’m certainly no exception.

So it was especially fun to research and write these recent episodes of Crash Course Psychology focusing on personality — what it is, how do we measure it, what is the history of various theories, and are those ink blot tests for real, and if so, why do they predict almost everyone is a latent killer?

So if you have twenty minutes, and want a little extra education and trivia fodder (did you know Rorschach totally looked like Brad Pitt?), check out these lessons.