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A Snail’s Spring

We don’t get many signs of early spring here in the land of lodgepole, so, inspired by Vyacheslav Mishchenko’s magical photographs, I’ve been drawing my own spring — through the eyes of curious gastropods, for whom I am developing a great affection.

snail fern snail mushroom snail acorn snail flower

If you’re feeling the snail love, but can’t find any of your own to observe, I also recommend checking out Elisabeth Tova Bailey’s book The Sound of a Wild Snail Eating, which I reviewed in Orion some time ago.

Winter Is Coming

The Starks were right.

And I heard from the trees a great parade

All things go, all things go

Be still and know your sign

I’ll put you right in it, I’ll show you the sky

Dreamlike, on account of that frosting

The sweet delights of a wild funnel cake
If you’ve got the patience, celebrate the ancients

And we laughed at the beatitudes of a thousand lines

Figure an hour in for thawing out frozen shoes

In Pictures

Salt addict. (Body, not bath.)

Dutch Lake: For bears only.

Evidence of a rub down.

The Huxtables.

Considerably more chill than their parents.


Heads Will Roll

Rhyacophila belona

Rhyacophila potteri

Rhyacophila vaccua

*All photographs by Joe Giersch and his fancy equipment