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A Day in the Life

Several weeks ago our dog Hazel turned one. The end of this month will officially mark the first full year since I lifted her out from the pile of her sisters, tucked her into my shirt, and brought her home from the shelter, snuggled up against my chest.

I’m not one for dog birthday parties, and I don’t want to get over-sentimental here, but I really cannot imagine living in this little house without her. Because I currently work from home, and we are rarely apart, I get to observe all of her best, worst, cutest, most annoying and pathetic and joyful and goofy behavior.

Some of those moments are presented here. Happy birthday, Boober.

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So, I’ve been writing for SciShow for nearly a year now, and have researched and penned dozens of scripts about such varied topics as weird places, brilliant people, animals, space, drugs, poop, pregnancy tests, body hair, hangovers, pain, kissing, blood, batteries, dead bodies, motion sickness, sweetness, and Robocop, among others, which, if you think about, combined could make a pretty rad little comic.

You can purchase this sweet little ditty at www.printedclothing.com

Anyway. Who would have thought one episode would claw its freckled, pasty little self to the top of the channel’s 400+ episode popularity pile, hitting nearly 3.5 MILLION views in just over a single week, and in the process giving hope to legions of carefully nursed Scottish blood-soaked revenge fantasies,  but a humble little script on….gingers. 

Yes, apparently people love them some gingers. Or love to hate them. Either way, they’re clearly curious about our red-headed friends. 

Check out the video below to catch up on some Daywalker facts and fiction.



William Wasn’t the Only Badass Wallace

You of course know all about the estimable Charlie Darwin, but what, if anything do you know of his exceptionally bold and largely unsung contemporary, British naturalist Alfred Russel Wallace? Yeah. Well, he was a fine and modest chap with a sharp mind and adventurous spirit, and, you know, also discovered natural selection. No big deal.

File:Alfred Russel Wallace engraving.jpg

Wallace was one of the first to legitimately write about ecology and early concepts of conservation, and in his free time he supported women’s suffrage. In short, he was a kind of freethinking dreamboat.

Last November, in honor of the centennial of his death, The New York Times posted Flora Lichtmanis and Sharon Shattuck’s excellent animated tribute to the man, The Animated Life of A.R. Wallace. If I can’t actually be Wallace (or the modern-day lady equivalent) I’d love to at least tell stories like his in such a poignant, whimsical, and visual way. Well done, ladies.

Peep this superior display of creative, informative artistry and fine science storytelling  of fantastic gaudy things here:

A Sphincter Says What?

It’s true, sometimes I just spend the whole day writing about assholes.
Which can actually be a lot more fun than it sounds…