Five Somewhat Interesting Things You May or May Not Know about New Zealand…

1. The Land of Wool and Mutton.
There are presently around nine sheep to every one human in New Zealand. (The human population  is about four  million.) Now that is my kind of place!
2. Rock the Vote.
New Zealand was the first major nation to have universal suffrage. In 1893 it became legal for all male and female citizens of New Zealand to vote. Letting women and minorities vote?! What a zany idea!
3. You Don’t Have to Turn on that Red Light (although legally you sure can!)
Prostitution, soliciting, and brothel-keeping are legal. The driving age is 15, the consensual sex age is 16, and the drinking age is 18. And on a brighter note, the country allows same-sex civil unions, too! (Ahem, are you listening America?)
4. Keepin’ it Old School
New Zealand was the last major landmass to be populated–with the exception of the polar regions–and who wants to live there anyway? (No offense to any seals reading.)

5. They Enjoy the Name Game… Chinese Gooseberries Anyone?
Of course a kiwi is not a fruit – its a native flightless bird and a slang term for a New Zealander. Kiwis call the fuzzy testicular fruit “kiwifruit” – they are also known as Chinese Gooseberries, although I cannot tell you why.
Bonus: Its, um, Middle Earth.

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