Lost in Translation

The following are some of the more interesting Kiwi slang terms which I hope to use on a daily basis. Whether these terms are actually used by real folks or only nerdy tourists has yet to be determined. But really who wouldn’t jump at the chance to shake their head and utter: “what a Wally” under their breath? 
These terms seemed likely to prove the most useful/appropriate:
Box of birds: feeling very good
Get off the grass!: no way! I don’t believe it!
Hoon: a rough person, rabble-rouser
Onya: well done, congratulations as in “good on yer, mate”
Tramping: hiking
Wally: a dumbass

Incidentally, I am also looking forward to escaping the critical American Ear (and inevitable eye-rolling) and testing the international waters of self-consciousness by attempting to incorporate various Britisisms into regular conversation. Yeah, you heard me.
Namely I’m looking at: barmy, brilliant, blast!, bloody, bugger, bum, and blimey

And on an unrelated note, peep this cautionary tale of two friends in love with the same sexy lady in this devastating video, Flight of the Conchords style.

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