Oh, Our Best Laid Plans

Bought my sweet little island ride today. She is a dark green Honda Concerto, with a little bump in her boot and shudder in her turn. She has yet to be named, but I am already taking comfort in the fact that she was born in 1992, the same good year my dear Jeep, Samwise Gamgee, came off the assembly line. But oh, if I only knew how to drive her properly. If only these roads were not so opposite! Yeah, so after a long, hot, stressful day running around downtown Christchurch, I was already plenty frazzled when I first took the wheel. Let us just say that while no person or vehicle were harmed in my exploratory forays (sorry to the little car on Wilson Street who I hit with my side mirror! And sorry to the white van I nicked two minutes later, also with the side mirror!), I decided to stay in town another night, to practice on side streets, and leave at dawn to avoid the daunting rush hour traffic around downtown. I have also been visualizing proper left-side driving locomotion. And talking to myself. Usually in a bastardized Irish or English or Kiwi accent. “Driver side, center lane. Driver side, center lane.” Tomorrow we will prevail. I know this rig is a country girl.

Photos to follow when the download gods of technology allow it.

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