Things I am Learning About New Zealand, the Fauna Edition

1. The tui bird sounds like a R2D2.
Here, listen for yourself…

2. Possums are public enemy number one.
So far the only possums (which aren’t opossums, but something entirely different and highly invasive) I have seen so far have been dead, killed by road or trap. Apparently this is the only good kind of possum. Possum-fur products are sold everywhere. Industrious or creepy? You decide.

3. I have met the devil, his name is sandfly.
The delicate body and silent swarming tendencies of a gnat, the bite of black fly. Evil.

4. Apparently there are hedgehogs here.
Acclimatization Act of 1861, we salute you! Relocating flora and fauna to a pristine island ecosystem just because you are homesick? I miss my imaginary pet baby sloth. Let’s get some over here.

5. Men
Even Kiwis will catcall at a single woman walking down the street. Why this actually surprised me, I am not sure.

6. It’s true about the sheep. They are everywhere.
They could take control of this country. If only they had the brains. And the thumbs.

you know about the kiwi, now meet two of New Zealand’s oddest and most endangered birds…
– yellow-eyed penguin

– kakapo

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