Snowshoe track into the back woods
These are a few of my favorite things: blue shadows on snow
Snow Snout

These Boots…

Feathered footprints
Bridge over frozen water

I spent last week in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, visiting my lovely family. It was the first winter I’d seen all year, and I miss it already. It was a deliciously lazy week, spent crunching through the snowy woods, aggressively snuggling the animals, baking bread (Pops has recently perfected Julia Child’s baguette recipe), making soup, sitting by the fire, reading out loud, chopping wood. . . all the things you’d imagine one might do in the Yoop in the winter. Saturday night we went to a fancy and delicious Italian dinner in Canada. Because we could. We are so International. We drove home under the gigantic supermoon, singing Dean Martin, of course, then danced around the living room before eating the most amazing chocolate cake, (thanks mom). My last night there I fell asleep next to Isa, cold feet creeping to her side of the bed, with a snowstorm raging outside. It felt just like the Christmas I missed.

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