Bird’s the Word

Birds. They’re everywhere. Peaking in your window. Hammering on your rain gutters. Pooping on your windshield. Stealing your hotdog at the beach. Making jumpshots for the Celtics. What a pain. Just who are these avian terrors anyway?

But wait! Help is on the way! Next time your kid, or your neighbor’s kid, or your neighbor’s neighbor’s kid is pointing their pudgy little fist at the sky, or toddling toward a flock of ducks, swinging a bag of stale bread, asking you who is that bird?! while trying to grab it by the neck, you can whip out these new sweet, sweet book-game combos, fresh off the presses and authored by yours truly, and learn all sorts of bizarre and average facts.

The pitch:

Birdcage Press is an award-winning children’s book and game publisher. I have been researching and writing text for their wildlife series for a few years now, and highly recommend their educational products which stimulate memory, concentration, and strategic thinking, while teaching kids all about animal behavior and habitat.

Backyard Birds and North American Birds were created in association with the Cornell Lab of Ornithology (which, incidentally, has a badass website worth checking out), and are filled with wonderful images from leading wildlife photographers. Bird lovers will enjoy getting to know their local birds. Playa haters will enjoy gathering new information with which to taunt their feathered foes, such as “hey heron, what’s up with the projectile vomiting?”

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