A Natural History of Now

Hey! Got ten bucks burning a hole in your pocket? Enjoy nature? Like books?
Then check this one out:

A Natural History of Now: reports from the edge of nature is a new collection of non-traditional nature-focused writing, hot off the presses. I am happy to see my essay   
“No Country” in such fine company.

Order your copy from a local bookstore or internet warehouse today!


“An underwater Christ, how to lasso a kittiwake, Egyptian flies, bugling elk, a man who shoots poachers, vegetarians dismantling pigs. . . Welcome to a book far removed from the orthodox bucolic, mannered, and self-absorbed Nature Essay. These pieces are startling, funny, piercing, and often unforgettable. My advice: buy this book, eat it over the weekend, and then give it to someone who will dig it. Which will be everyone.” 

– Brian Doyle, author of Mink River

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