The Ice Queen Cometh

How sweet is Ice? It cools our gin in the summer. It gives us endless recreational opportunities in the winter. It graciously provides us with synonyms for Smirnoff‘s malted beverages, righteous bling, meth, murder, in case of emergency, and Ned Stark’s justice-dealing greatsword, (which, when you think about it, fit together a bit too perfectly)… You just take water, cool it down, and boom! You’ve got yourself something to interpret. All summer long the hike to Glacier’s Avalanche Lake is unbearably busy, but come late fall, it is your own private glittering little diamond trail of wonders…

Avalanche Creek: Curator of Icy Delights

Your Typical Icicle Action (See: Textbook, Jingle Bells)

The Labyrinth (See: David Bowie)

The Dust Ruffle (See: Car Wash, Classy Mud Flap Alternative to Naked Lady Silhouette )

The Trumpet Bell (See: Angels We Have Heard On High)
The Hand-Dipped Candle (See: Renaissance Festival, Rembrandt)

The Blorb (See: Cauliflower. Do Not See: Growths)

The Eruption (See: Death Spikes, Sea Urchin)

The Forest Ninja (See: Death Widow, Nakamura and Slavin)
The Vanilla (See: Flattop, Collaborate and Listen, Terrible Mistake)

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