The Animal Agenda

At a time when it increasingly feels like the world is on fire, I’m happy to announce some very small, but good news: I just signed my first book contract!

More details to follow, but in (very) short, it’s a long-form, illustrated children’s book about animals, ecology, and imagination.

I know it is but a wee and gentle thing — but I think it will be fun, unique, and meaningful. My deepest hope is that it will help encourage, expand, and refine kids’ natural curiosity, imagination, love for, and knowledge of, animals and nature, and facilitate a better understanding and appreciation of the natural world. Even foster a conservation ethic, if we’re talking high hopes here. Either way, I’m really excited about it.

contract photo

One response to “The Animal Agenda

  1. Bill Van Susteren

    Katie, that’s terrific news, a breath of fresh air in the sometimes stifling atmosphere of Mary’s house. Let us know when it hits Amazon or the book stores — Jackie and I will make sure that it reaches every child we know. Love, Bill

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