Sir David of My Heart

Yes! My grandfather boyfriend is back at it with Planet Earth Part Two, and of course, it looks glorious. I’ve got a long history and a lot of love for Sir David Attenborough’s wildlife documentaries. These dedicated filmmakers are some of my heroes, and the rugged commitment it takes to document the secret lives of so many elusive animals is truly astounding. Attenborough himself is the perfect host — serious, but also goofy and enthusiastic. And then there are the animals themselves. . . whom I love fiercely, to the extent that I’m not at all certain I look entirely sane while watching them, between all the laughing and weeping.

When I lived in Yellowstone we used to host parties where we projected his films on a long, billowing sheet hung from the ceiling — always on mute, but with a musical soundtrack of our own devising running in the background. And when Atticus was trying to enter the world, for what felt like forever, I had Sir David’s films rolling at a low volume in the corner of our hospital room. From time to time I’d look over there in a haggard daze and see whale families breaching, pangolins creepin’, and elephant shrews racing, and it gave me small comfort.

Needless to say, I’m stoked. Just look at this gorgeous trailer.


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