Howl Like a Wolf!

Lo, good people of the interwebs! Today in small, seemingly rare good news . . . I’m beyond pleased to announce my first children’s book, Howl Like a Wolf, has a cover and release date. Look for it in mid-April in independent bookstores near you, or pre-order it now from the publisher site or various internet purveyors such as Powell’s, Amazon, B&N, and Target, if you know a child who loves animals. 







The dry pitch is that it’s a combination of natural history and imaginative exercises revolving around animal behavior. The kid pitch is that in it you’ll meet a passel of awesome animals, and learn how to think and act like them — how to for instance, sneak like a leopard, joke like a raven, defend yourself like a skunk, sing like a whale, and of course, howl like a wolf.

It’s been such a tremendous experience working on this with Workman/Storey Publishing and my good friend and editor Hannah Fries. And the fabulous Kaley McKean’s illustrations are the perfect dreamy mix of artful and whimsical. I cannot wait to hold it in my hands, and encourage children to waggle, pollinate, hop, and echolocate.

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