Howl Like a Wolf!

It’s here! Today is the official publication day for Howl Like a Wolf!

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If you know a child (or young-hearted adult) who likes animals, ecology, and imagination (and what child doesn’t?), please consider purchasing/gifting this book and spreading the word. I’m terrible at self-promotion, but it helps so much if you: order it through your local bookstore, request that your library purchases a copy, show it to friends who work in elementary schools, and/or rate/review it favorably through online purveyors.

Earlier reviewers say:

“As packed with legitimate learning as it is with legitimately fun activities. Yale’s passion and knowledge for the Earth and for children combine with inspired and beautiful art to make a pretty perfect package.”
— Hank Green, co-creator of SciShow and CrashCourse

“An excellent nonfiction treat of information and dramatic play all rolled into one! … A book that will be well-worn, loved and studied by animal-loving children … Oh, how I have my fingers crossed for a follow-up book with even more animals!” *Highly recommended

“A wonderful world of imagination and play where children can become the animals they love. Full of factual information presented in a fun and dynamic way; perfect for reading over and over again!”
— Jessi Knudsen Castañeda, host of SciShow Kids

“Wild things who learn best by doing will appreciate the imaginative play . . . this is all about the action. As a bonus, masks can be downloaded from the publisher’s website. . . .  full of opportunities for participation.”
— Kirkus Reviews

“This book is a fantastic way for children to learn about the great variety of unusual animal behaviors and special adaptations and enter the unique sensory world of each creature. It will appeal especially to imaginative children aged six to nine who enjoy activities rather than memorizing facts. Howl Like a Wolf! can provide children with hours of delightful play while at the same time conveying important life lessons. By fostering children’s imaginations to enter the unique world of each animal in turn they will identify with and value the amazing adaptations and stunning biodiversity of life on this planet. There’s no better way to raise children to be environmentally responsible adults than by encouraging their natural love and appreciation of the animal kingdom in all its glorious diversity.” *Highly recommended
New York Journal of Books

And don’t forget to check out Storey Publishing’s page where you can download 13 gorgeous (and free!) animal masks to ramp up your playtime!

My heartfelt thanks to illustrator Kaley McKean for her beautiful, accurate, and whimsical artwork (and Otter Down’s new banner), to my editor and friend Hannah Fries for ushering the pages through, and to everyone at Storey Publishing and Workman, who have been dreamy to work with.


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