Backpack Explorer: On the Nature Trail

As long as we’re talking children’s book news, behold — another little project I recently collaborated on (ghostwrote): Backpack Explorer: On the Nature Trail.





From Storey Publishing: Jump-start curiosity with this take-along field guide for children ages 4 and up. From worms, birds, and spiders to trees, flowers, and clouds, young explorers learn what to look and listen for wherever they are — whether in a nature preserve, an urban park, or a suburban backyard. Seek-and-find lists, on-the-trail art projects, and discovery games get kids engaged in hands-on learning about nature, and a real pull-out magnifying glass helps them get a close-up glimpse of leaf veins, seed pods, and tiny insects. Filled with activities, checklists, and stickers, this interactive nature guide belongs in every kid’s backpack.

Order a copy online or from your local bookstore, take your favorite young child for a walk and share the joys of clouds gazing, prodding toads, banging sticks together, watching bugs, listening to birdsong, going on scavenger hunts, learning about nature, and getting dirty!

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