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Katie bioI write. I walk. I have big hair. I high-five cedar branches when I walk by them. Here I strive to chronicle my random thoughts, recommendations, and adventures, both wild and domestic, to the best of my technological, spiritual, and literary abilities.

I’m the author of the award-winning long-form children’s book Howl Like a Wolf! which combines natural history, animal behavior, and imagination to engage children in creative, empathetic play.

I have spent the last several years working with creative science storytelling both as a scriptwriter for the popular YouTube channels Crash Course and SciShow (combined, these programs have over 12 million subscribers, and their episodes have been collectively viewed over a billion times) and as a text writer for numerous nature-themed books and children’s games. Prior to that, I worked as a wildlife field biologist chasing critters around the Rocky Mountains, an occupation I dearly miss.

I currently work as an assistant editor at Orion magazine, and recently finished selecting and co-editing One Long River of Song, a collection of Brian Doyle’s finest nonfiction, due out from Little, Brown this December. I also serve on The Whitefish Review’s editorial board, am an avid reader, outdoor enthusiast, wonder-seeker, artist, animal-lover, and freelance writer and editor working from a house surrounded by magpies, outside of Glacier National Park.

I’m always interested in new projects, so don’t hesitate to say hello if you’ve got something going! Find me at kjyale@gmail.com

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