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Katie bioI write. I walk. I have big hair. I high-five cedar branches when I walk by them. Here I strive to chronicle my random thoughts, recommendations, and adventures, both wild and domestic, to the best of my technological, spiritual, and literary abilities.

I’m the author of the award-winning long-form children’s book Howl Like a Wolf! which combines natural history, animal behavior, and imagination to engage children in creative, empathetic play.

I have spent the last several years working with creative science storytelling both as a scriptwriter for the popular YouTube channels Crash Course and SciShow (combined, these programs have over 12 million subscribers, and their episodes have been collectively viewed over a billion times) and as a text writer for numerous nature-themed books and children’s games. Prior to that, I worked as a wildlife field biologist chasing critters around the Rocky Mountains, an occupation I dearly miss.

I currently work as an assistant editor at Orion magazine, and recently finished selecting and co-editing One Long River of Song, a collection of Brian Doyle’s finest nonfiction, due out from Little, Brown this December. I also serve on The Whitefish Review’s editorial board, am an avid reader, outdoor enthusiast, wonder-seeker, artist, animal-lover, and freelance writer and editor working from a house surrounded by magpies, outside of Glacier National Park.

I’m always interested in new projects, so don’t hesitate to say hello if you’ve got something going! Find me at kjyale@gmail.com

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20 responses to “About Kathleen

  1. I watched a few segments of The SciShow this morning. The writing and the delivery are amazing. For someone like myself, who didn’t attend college but loves science, these bits are just perfect. You summarize, without overly simplifying, and your writing has really nice flow. Keep up the good work.

  2. Emily Driscoll

    Mark and I just found your blog, and we are thoroughly enjoying this. We also CANNOT BELIEVE YOU WORK ON THE SCISHOW!!!! You are the coolest!

    -Your Cousin-In-Laws in Texas

  3. Hey, is that an actual fur hat you’re wearing? Hmmm…

    • Ha. No, it’s fake. I do have an old wolf fur hat that my Grandma got in Russia or Alaska back in the day. I’ve never been sure if I should wear it or bury it… So for now it retains its shape on a freaky Styrofoam mannequin head tucked safely away in a closet…

  4. Samantha Soriano

    First off, thank you so much for your work on Crash Course, it really is great stuff. This may sound odd but due to the rare nature of the project I was wondering if you would know how to go about citing those videos for an essay. APA or MLA is fine, I was just curious because I love the clean and direct delivery and it would make for good to-the-point quotations and references

    • Hey there. Thanks for the kind words. You know, I’m not sure how best site episodes … but there must be a Chicago-style convention out there somewhere. Otherwise, I guess I’d say, title of the episode, name of the channel, date and maybe writer’s name?

  5. Karen Wagersmith

    Hi Kathleen. I love your work on crash course. Do you guys have a CrashCourse Neuroscience in the works?

    • Hi Karen,
      Thanks for reading/watching. We don’t immediately have one on neuroscience in the works, but there is and will continue to be a lot of nervous system material covered in our current anatomy and physiology series that is running this year. Thanks!

  6. Hi Kathleen,

    I love your writing in the Crash Course Psychology courses! I teach psychology courses at a large university in the US and I would love to incorporate Crash Course into my classes. Do you know of some good resources to help educators use tools such as Crash Course to improve the quality of higher education?

  7. Your crash course videos are amazing! I’m currently taking psychology in college and your videos are not only helping but advancing me. I love love love your writing style!! Thank you for your talent.

  8. Hi Katie,
    Wonderful things you do with words. beautiful. I show your SciShow work in anatomy to my high school students, to much applause. And I now have a list of books to read as well. Glad I found Otter Down! We had a black bear in our backyard last week, which reminded me of the ‘dacks. Keep up the inspiring work!

  9. Martina Sandström


    I loved your video on Sci Show about Artificial Sweetness “The Science of Sweetness” and I want to use this video as a source in a school presentation I’m working on. Can you help me with source to this video?

    • Hi Martina,
      Glad you enjoyed the video and are finding it useful. I don’t think you need any special permissions to use it in a presentation so long as you just credit it as a source. If you’re asking about the sources
      I used in researching the material, all the links should be listed under the video if you hit “show more”… Thanks for watching! Katie

  10. I teach elementary special education and do a lot of STEM work. I think you’re neat. Hope to see more kids books from you.

    Let me know if you ever want to visit a school in NY state.

  11. Hi Kathleen, I am trying to contact you about The Montana Book Festival, September 29th in Missoula. It would be great to have you present Howl Like a Howl at a children’s storytime as well as be part of a panel.
    Hope you agree!

  12. Are you the Kathleen Yale who wrote this: https://youtu.be/Ktv-CaOt6UQ
    If so, just wanted to thank you, it was the best anatomy class I have ever taken. I am from Argentina, if you want to practice your spanish or help me practice my english, write me at raventos84@gmail.com

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